Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekly Report 12/01

  • Completed DIS final report with figures
  • Mailed the report to every one in the team to review
  • Prepared for presentation- Topic-> Interval analysis - divided in to two parts - One up to the results of A-matrix(Tues Dec 02), and other will cover remaining(Thur Dec 04)
  • Currently I am following every one in the group
  • Added link to this blog from wiki
  • Updated the status column of the report
  • Need to start working on the Interval analysis paper
  • Come up with a solution to the term(3,2) in the Jacobian that is causing error because of catastrophic cancellation
  • Remind Dr.Younan about the bread boards for micro lab
  • Work on word template for the thesis that Ricky already started.
  • Get new I-9 form (waiting for new I-20).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekly Report 11/13-11/18

  • Started working on DIS project - First draft due on Thursday.
  • Limiting Case analysis Results
  1. Status: As k->0 Original J matrix and Stable J matrix are consistent up to some point.Original J matrix screws up at 1e -08. Stable J matrix screws up at 1e -158. At k=0 both cases fail.
  2. Problem: As k->0, stable J is expected to produce consistent results.
At k=0, stable J is still expected to be stable.

Cause: There is some error in one of the terms of J-matrix that doesn't cancel out.
Solution: I had put an if statement to check for k< 1e-158 and replace with some k=1e-150, and this allows the trunk to move smoothly for all the values of k.
But still need to think of the error(computed using interval analysis and plotted in Matlab), which remains the same as before.