Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekly Report 12/01

  • Completed DIS final report with figures
  • Mailed the report to every one in the team to review
  • Prepared for presentation- Topic-> Interval analysis - divided in to two parts - One up to the results of A-matrix(Tues Dec 02), and other will cover remaining(Thur Dec 04)
  • Currently I am following every one in the group
  • Added link to this blog from wiki
  • Updated the status column of the report
  • Need to start working on the Interval analysis paper
  • Come up with a solution to the term(3,2) in the Jacobian that is causing error because of catastrophic cancellation
  • Remind Dr.Younan about the bread boards for micro lab
  • Work on word template for the thesis that Ricky already started.
  • Get new I-9 form (waiting for new I-20).

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