Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weekly Report 02/05:

  • Maple is reinstalled
  • Reserved for diversity workshop on March 5th, Thursday
  • Interval analysis:
  1. Checked with Maple: Code for Original and Stable A matrices matches with the one in the section ->My DH parameters of 3-cable
  2. Stuck with one term in the J matrix
  • Presentation updated:
  1. Updated slides according to the interval analysis paper
  2. Added the A-matrix original and stable matrices
  3. Added plots for all the parts of the code done till today
  4. New section for limiting case analysis, and Forward error analysis
  • Thesis item: Not started yet
  • Paper:
  1. Need to reformat with more details about the limiting case analysis, as one more tool. what about the results of limiting case analysis. Do I need to add any of the plots from the old paper?
  2. As the paper still had old versions of matrices, those need to be replaced with the new ones from Maple. Need to ask Dr. Jones for a way to copy those from Maple to word document
  3. Do we need a new section for multi-section? We had multi-section kinematics done for the A-matrix for both actuator parameters and cable lengths, but not for J matrix.

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